Architectural Review (ARC)

p1UVZYtah6xBoJTy.jpgArchitectural Review Committee
The purpose of the ARC is to define design standards of construction in Timberlake Estates and to review and either approve or disapprove any and all proposed improvements for a building site within Timberlake Estates including but not limited to: dwellings, garages, outbuildings or any other buildings, construction or installation of sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, mail boxes, decks, patios, courtyards, swimming pools, tennis courts, outdoor athletic equipment, greenhouses, playhouses, awnings, walls, fences, satellite dishes, docks, wharves, rip-rap, bulkheads, boat slips and lifts, exterior lights, any exterior addition to, change, or alteration to existing structures, including without limitation painting or staining of any exterior surface. ARC approval must be obtained for dredging and fill operations, shaping of land areas and drainage, and removal of any trees more than six (6) inches in diameter measured at a height of four (4) feet from the base.

Contact email: [email protected]             

Name Role Term Expires (2 year terms)
Mike King ARC Chairperson Nov. 2024
Charles Conti ARC Vice Chairperson Nov. 2024
Ritchie Triptree ARC committee member   Nov. 2025 
Joey Voelker ARC committee member  Nov. 2024
Peter West ARC committee member Oct. 2025


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